Fair Housing lawsuits on the rise

Fair Housing lawsuits are on the rise nationwide and you may be next. Over the last five years, HUD and other tenant rights advocacy groups have stepped up rental discrimination lawsuits and cases against landlords and income property owners—and these cases are not nearly as black and white as most landlords would assume.

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2020 Housing Starts

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Fair Housing Regulations

Three Updates to the Fair Housing Act, and What They Mean for Landlords

The Fair Housing Act was passed in 1968 to offer protection against discrimination. Since then it has evolved to encompass a laundry list of housing “do’s and don’ts”. Review three Fair Housing Act updates and what they mean for landlords.

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Agency Law

Under “Agency Law” landlords are liable for the actions of their property manager.

Under Agency Law, income property owners may be held directly or vicariously liable for the actions of a negligent property manager—even if the property owner had no knowledge of, or involvement in, the act.

When should you consider hiring a property management company?

Many landlords manage their properties on their own—or with the help of an assistant, such as a resident manager. But sometimes hiring a property manager just makes sense. Should you consider hiring a property manager?

Real Estate Lawsuit

Protecting Against Lawsuits for Buy-and-hold Real Estate Investors

What is the best way to mitigate the risk of a lawsuit? Do everything you can to ensure you’re never in one. Explore three asset protection and risk mitigation strategies for the long-term buy-and-hold real estate investor.

Real Estate Investment Trust

Buying Rental Property vs. Investing In A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

If you want to invest in real estate, investing in a REIT as opposed to buying income-producing property directly might be the best investment strategy for you—but then again, it might not.

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Annual Housing Market Trends: 2017 in Review, 2018 Outlook


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