Vendor Validation process

Vendor Validation Programs

NAIPO vendor validation ensures legitimacy and quality.

NAIPO vendor validation provides income property owners and real estate investors with the assurance that the professionals, vendors and suppliers they work with are legitimate and qualified to perform specific contracted tasks and services.

Each vendor validation report provides you with:*

  • Identity Verification
    Verification of individual name, business name, address and contact information.
  • Professional License Search
    Verification of professional licensing and certification status.
  • Insurance Verification
    Verification of professional and general liability insurance coverages.
  • Public Domain Search
    Search of public domain content for professional reviews, reports and complaints
  • Public Records Search
    Search of public records for arrests, convictions, bankruptcies, judgements and liens.
  • Credit History
    Report of credit history, unpaid bills and financial solvency.
  • Professional Reference Check
    Verification of professional references, performance and industry activity.

NAIPO provides two levels of vendor validation.

  • Vendor Verification
    Have someone in mind you want to work with? Have us run a basic vendor validation report to ensure you’re working with a professional who is licensed and qualified to perform the specific contracted tasks and services you’re looking for.
  • Vendor Referral
    No sure who to work with? We’ll review our database of NAIPO Endorsed Income Property Specialists (IPS) to find the perfect partner for your real estate project. If we can’t find a NAIPO IPS with the required qualifications, we’ll reach outside our network and refer you to a validated vendor or professional who does.

Basic NAIPO Vendor Validation is free to NAIPO members and subscribers. To submit a vendor validation request, contact us by phone at 1.801.921.9610.

*Vendor validation report content and service may vary from industry to industry. By participating in the NAIPO Vendor Validation Program you agreeing to the NAIPO Terms and Conditions.