About Naipo


We are an association of real estate professionals helping real estate professionals succeed.

The National Association of Income Property Owners (NAIPO) was established to provide landlords and industry professionals with the education, networking and marketing opportunities they need to be successful and grow their respective real estate businesses and ventures.

Unlike other real estate associations that focus on group purchasing discounts, products sales and advertising, NAIPO is laser focused (1) helping its members profitably grow their business through networking and strategic marketing and (2) helping income property owners, landlords and real estate investors align themselves with most qualified professionals to help support their unique real estate endeavors.

While we provide our members with relevant real estate news and resources, our main goal is to connect income property owners with the best local industry professionals and connect industry professionals with the local income property owners that require their services.

Our website, weekly eNewsletter, monthly Snail Mailer, Endorsed IPS and NAIPO Publisher programs are all designed to facilitate communication between real estate professionals—including property managers, realtors, financial advisors, insurance agents, legal professionals, etc—and income property owners.

Whether you’re a landlord who owns a single rental unit or a real estate attorney who specializes in tenant-landlord disputes, your business will benefit from your membership in NAIPO.

Our programs:

Why should you join NAIPO? The following are few reasons.

  • Vendor Validation

    As an income property owner, your needs are unique. As such, you need to work with professionals who are uniquely qualified to help you meet your personal financial and real estate objectives. Whether your looking for help setting up a self directed IRA to hold real estate or need help structuring a complex 1031 exchange, our vendor validation program is designed to identify and vet individual real estate professionals and income property specialists who are uniquely qualified to assist you.

  • Endorsed IPS

    The NAIPO Endorsed Income Property Specialist (IPS) program connects you with local income property specialists you can trust. Each Endorsed IPS is certified, licensed and/or been a specialist in their field of practice for a minimum of 5 years. They have a proven track record of success, commitment to excellence and superior customer service. Endorsed IPS aren’t just real estate professionals–they’re income property specialists.

  • Snail Mailer

    Our Snail Mailer may be slow, but it’s effective! The Snail Mailer reaches thousands of local landlords, business professionals and income property owners quarterly. The Snail Mailer provides an overview of what’s happening in your local real estate market and provides you with an updated list of Endorsed Income Property Specialists (IPS) in your area.

  • NAIPO Publisher

    Want to grow your business organically? Then join the NAIPO Publisher program and start contributing your expertise to our community today.

  • eNewsletter

    Each week our members receive the NAIPO eNewsletter, ready to go with industry news, alerts, statistics and important updates to real estate laws and regulations that are relevant to you and your business. Our eNewsletter also includes valuable offers and information from select NAIPO members. Endorsed IPS aren’t just real estate professionals–they’re income property specialists.

NAIPO is a privately held trade association. Basic membership is completely free. We’re simply an association of real estate professionals helping real estate professionals. To support and maintain the organization, we accept donations and provide some fee-based services.