Endorsed Income Property Specialists

Why use an Endorsed Income Property Specialist?

An Endorsed IPS isn’t just another professional–they’re an income property specialist.

The NAIPO Endorsed Income Property Specialist (IPS) program connects specially qualified local income property specialists with income property owners and investors. Each Endorsed IPS is certified, licensed and/or has been a specialist in their field of practice for a minimum of 5 years. NAIPO endorsed IPS have a proven track record of success, have demonstrated a commitment to professional excellence, and offer superior customer service. We vet each NAIPO endorsed specialist so you don’t have to. An Endorsed IPS isn’t just another professional–they’re an income property specialist.

Being a NAIPO IPS isn’t easy. It’s hard work because our income property specialists are held to high standards. We only accept and recommend qualified specialists with a track record of consistently providing excellent customer service. We carefully vet each ISP in our program and hold them accountable. When you partner with a NAIPO Endorsed Income Property Specialist (IPS) you can be confident you’re working with the best.

Property Managers

Using a NAIPO endorsed property manager ensures personal and financial freedom.

A poor property manager will cost you time and money. A good property manager will save you time, maximize your rental income, and provide you ongoing peace of mind. NAIPO endorsed property managers will
provide you personal and financial freedom.

Property Manager

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents

Hire an agent with the experience to find and close profitable deals.

Ever loose a deal because of your agent? A good agent knows the income property industry inside and out. In fact, a good agent is usually an investor themself. If you want to find and close profitable deals, use a NAIPO endorsed real estate agent.


Make sure you know your investment is a good investment.

Inspecting a single-family home is very different than inspecting an eight unit multi-family rental or commercial property. Want to make sure your investment is a good investment? Then work with a NAIPO endorsed income property inspector.

Property Inspector

Tax Specialists

Tax Specialists

Maximize deductions and increase profitability with a NAIPO endorsed tax specialist.

You’d never consider having your eyes operated on by a general medical practitioner. Yet, income property owners consistently use underqualified tax preparers and CPAs to prepare their real estate taxes. If you want to start making money, start using a NAIPO endorsed tax specialist.

Insurance Agents

Not all insurance is the same—and neither are insurance agents.

If you’re using your car insurance agent to insure your rental property, there’s a chance you’re underinsured. NAIPO endorsed insurance agents are experienced in providing comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions for income property owners.

Insurance Agent

Real Estate Attorney

Legal Professionals

You don’t need representation. You need an income property specialist.

You don’t just need an attorney on your side. You need an attorney who understands fair housing regulations, tenant-landlord law, real estate acquisition, asset protection, estate planning and much more. You need an attorney who is an income property specialist.

Loan Officers

Work with a loan officer you can trust.

Whether you’re a buy-and-hold investor, a fix and flipper, or real estate developer, financing is core to a profitable and sustainable income property strategy. Work with a NAIPO endorsed loan officer you can trust.

Loan Officer

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