John Edwards

Endorsed Income Property Specialist (IPS)


There are incredible tax benefits from investing in real estate. Notwithstanding, most income property owners and real estate investors miss out on thousands in savings, long-term capital gains, tax benefits and profit maximizing opportunities each year because they simply don’t know what they’re missing. The key to optimizing returns from real estate investing is to work with a tax consultant who specializes in real estate accounting.

John Edwards is an accounting graduate from Brigham Young University who specializes in helping real estate investors and professionals optimize their real estate portfolios and implement tax strategies that generate greater returns from real estate investing.

John offers the following services to his clients:

  • Tax analysis and advisory
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mid and long term strategic planning and advisory
  • Tax preparation
  • Audit Defense and Registered Representation
  • AP/AR systems review and problem resolution
  • Corporate Financial Investing and Advising
  • Funding Issue Strategic Solutions
  • Credit Management Advising
  • Real Estate Acquisition and Mergers (In conjunction with licensed partners)
  • Real Estate Mortgage Lending (Licensed Partners)
  • Real Estate Development Advisory
  • Real Estate Sales and Purchase (Licensed Partners)
  • Financial Advising and Investment Advisory (Licensed Partners)
  • Sole Proprietor-Home Based Business Advising

John is a NAIPO endorsed tax accountant and income property specialist you can trust.

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