Endorsed Ips

Endorsed Income Property Specialists (IPS) Program

Have what it takes? Become an Endorsed IPS today—and watch your business grow.

The NAIPO Endorsed Income Property Specialist program connects local income property owners with NAIPO Endorsed Income Property Specialists (IPS). Each Endorsed IPS must be certified, licensed and/or has been a specialist in their field of practice for a minimum of 5 years. NAIPO endorsed IPS have a proven track record of success, have demonstrated a commitment to professional excellence, and offer superior customer service. Endorsed IPS aren’t just good real estate and finance professionals–they’re income property specialists.

Being a NAIPO IPS isn’t easy. It’s hard work because our income property specialists are held to high standards. While we do charge a fee for Endorsed IPS program membership, we only accept and recommend qualified specialists with a track record of consistently providing excellent customer service. When you partner with a NAIPO Endorsed Income Property Specialist (IPS) you can be confident you’re working with the best.

What do you receive as a NAIPO Endorsed IPS?