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Becton has been a multifamily housing investor since 2005. He is a property management specialist, former insurance agent and financial advisor. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University and MBA from the Marriott School of Management.
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Protecting Against Lawsuits for Buy-and-hold Real Estate Investors

Protecting Against Real Estate Lawsuits

When the dean announced that Goldman Sachs would be visiting to recruit two students for their new analyst training program, I jumped at the opportunity to interview for the position.

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Real Estate Investing

Buying Rental Property vs. Investing In A REIT

Rental vs Reit

Over the past few years, both residential and commercial real estate have rewarded investors handsomely yielding average annual returns on the upward of 7-10%.

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How to Reduce Rental Vacancy Rates in a Saturated Market

Empty Apartment

One of the biggest challenges to maintaining a profitable rental property is vacancy. Even when your rental goes vacant–and you’re not receiving rental income–you’re still paying insurance, taxes, utilities, and making mortgage payments.

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Under “Agency Law” You Are Liable

Case Folder

Many income property owners operate under the assumption that, if they simply hire a property manager, they’re immune from any liability associated with the decisions, actions or negligence of their property manager. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Are you underinsured? More than likely.

Apartment Storm Damage

Even though it’s a vital part of a successful real estate investing strategy, insurance is often overlooked by real estate investors and landlords.

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